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About us

Braithwaite and Johnson are independent consultants Niki Braithwaite and Pamela Johnson. Collectively we draw on more than fifty years of experience and our approach is rooted in practical experience. We specialise in working in the arts and heritage sector, supporting charities, cultural organisations and artists to achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential.


We understand the competing priorities of working in the sector today - the need to balance the delivery of inspirational and engaging art while achieving a sustainable and resilient business model. So working with us means open-minded and honest discussions to ensure the right decisions are taken to achieve exceptional results - whether that is to diversify an income base, develop a new audience or attract funding for a project.


Our principles

We are positive, passionate and proactive. 

We maintain an objective perspective in working with you to realise your goals. 

We combine sound research methodologies with creative thinking, which results in actionable, practical outcomes.